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Benefits of Physiotherapy

If you have been injured or have a medical condition that limits your movement, you have probably been told that you need physical therapy. These are the benefits of participating in physical therapy.

Program Customization

Your physical therapy can be fully customized to your needs and pain. Therefore, if you broke your arm, your therapist will create targeted exercises that help rebuild the muscle around the break so that it is supported while it heals and into the future. The truth is that once a bone is broken, it is never as strong as it was before it was broken, so creating a support system of ligaments, muscle and other tissues is vital to regaining your strength.

The same is true for pain. If, for example, you suffer from sciatica, your therapist can create exercises that stretch your lower spine, glutes and hamstrings to release the nerve and reduce your pain. These exercises often involve stretching and building lower back and abdominal muscles to support your spine.

At a local physical therapy clinic, e.g., Physiotherapy Burlington ON, you will find a program that is customized for your exact needs.

Prevent Surgery

Some injuries may require surgery, but others can be fully treated using physical therapy. For example, some back injuries could improve from both surgery or targeted therapy. Therapy is much easier on your body and has a short recovery period, while surgery could have you laid up for months.

Improves Your Ability To Move

Age and injury can affect your mobility. If you have difficulty sitting, standing, walking, lifting your arms, etc., you are encountering mobility challenges. However, by consistently stretching and working your muscles, you can increase your mobility. At times, your mobility can be fully restored, while other injuries or conditions, such as stroke, may cause permanent issues. However, all cases can benefit from targeted physical therapy.

Injury Prevention

Finally, physical therapy builds the structures necessary to prevent injuries. These exercises build key muscles, tendons, ligaments to support movement, especially during sports.

Fall Prevention

The best way to prevent falls is to improve your balance. Physical therapy is a valuable tool in fall prevention. Your physical therapist structures your exercise program to strengthen your balance. You are placed in safe situations where your balance is challenged so that your muscles can be strengthened and you have the stability and strength to react during these situations.

Balance caused by vestibular challenges can also be resolved by physical therapists, which can help with vertigo and dizziness.

If you have been injured, have a medical condition that affects your movement or want to prevent injury, consider working with a physical therapist.