Health & Wellness

Staying Healthy in a Digital Age

It’s no secret that a large number of Americans spend the majority of their working time in a sedentary position. With so much of office life revolving around technical communications and computer work, it can begin to feel difficult to focus on physical health. If you’ve ever felt like your body isn’t cooperating as well as it used to (or as well as you wish it would), then this advice may help you get back on track.

Use Technology to Your Benefit

While working at a computer can mean long hours on your backside, the wonders of technology can also help you fight back against inactivity. When it comes to office furniture Indianapolis has seen many technological improvements toward more ergonomically healthy seating that can improve posture and reduce back strain. Consider purchasing a smartwatch or wrist activity tracker that can monitor your vitals and remind you to get up and move at intervals throughout the day. Even a quick stroll for a few minutes each hour can do wonders toward alleviating high blood pressure, reducing the risk of blood clots, and improving circulation. Fitness apps abound that can help you sneak extra active minutes into your workday.

Use Transportation Wisely

Numerous studies have shown that countries with more walkers and few drivers have notably lower levels of obesity. If you live close enough, you may think about walking or riding a bike to work. If that’s not an option, perhaps you could take public transportation and walk or ride to the nearest bus or train station. You may even consider getting off a stop or two early and walking the remainder of the trip. Not only can this be better for your physical health, but it can also help towards the goal of reducing carbon emissions and improving the state of the planet.

Use Diets Appropriately

A large amount of health comes down to what and how you eat. When you do eat, consider taking digestive enzymes to get the most out of the food you eat and to encourage smooth and healthy digestion. It can be much easier to obtain healthy calories by bringing prepared food from home rather than eating out or at a cafeteria. Avoid vending machines and drink lots of water. It can be helpful to purchase a large, reusable bottle to better measure your intake. Consider a bottle with a straw since this can help you get more overall fluid intake by sipping constantly throughout the day instead of gulping down large amounts whenever you remember. 

It can be easy to forget about your health when your body is feeling fine, but putting in the investment towards maintaining fitness and wellness now can pay enormous dividends in the future. As people become more sedentary, it becomes ever more important to be intentional about taking care of yourself.