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Questions To Ask Yourself When Furnishing Your Home Office

Working from home can be one of the great pleasures of life, and how you set up your home office can go a long way toward making it so. Here are a few key questions to ask yourself. 

What Kind of Desk Do I Want?

Considering how much time you spend at your desk, it makes sense to invest a little time in thinking about exactly what kind you would love to have. Your ideal configuration may even include having more than one desk or one that adjusts from sitting to standing mode. Consider your workflow and how your physical workspace can aid or hinder that. The appearance of your desk may be of prime importance to you, especially since it’s part of your home; perhaps you want a beautiful wooden one or a sleek high-tech look. If your office is small, you will want to explore the possibilities of work surfaces with built-in storage, such as a credenza desk. Remember, even if the desk of your dreams seems out of reach financially, it probably isn’t — you will be amazed what you can find when shopping for pre owned desks. Many beautiful and perfect pieces of office furniture are available at a small fraction of the cost of new.

Where Can I Focus on My Work?

Ideally, you’ll probably want your home office to have a door you can close so that you can work without distraction, but if that’s not possible, look for a place that isn’t in your home’s traffic pattern. You may be able to reclaim unused space in your home and still have an office that feels private and comfortable. The same kinds of screens and partitions that make working in a corporate office possible with minimal distractions can also improve your home office — except maybe you’d prefer them in neon green and decorated your way, which will be just fine. You’re the boss. 

How Can I Maximize Space?

Fitting your work life into one room or alcove calls for efficient organizing of the area you have at your command. Even if you have only a little space, inspired solutions are easy. Shelves are an obvious choice for making use of wall space that would otherwise be wasted. Floor-to-ceiling shelving will transform an office’s functioning with little loss of square footage. You can also put corkboards and whiteboards on walls to help limit and organize clutter.

It’s worth taking the time to ask yourself what you really want in a home office. Your professional life merits a workspace where you can do your best and enjoy doing it.