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How to Avoid Subpar Managed Services Companies

There’s nothing worse than having your network security company not perform the way that you want them to considering the consequences involved. Security is critical to your company’s basic functioning, after all. Here are some characteristics to check for in order to ensure you can trust your company.

They Are Available

You should be able to contact your managed IT services company virtually whenever you need to, day or night. If they aren’t working round the clock for you and there are gaps in their availability, this is quite a bad sign and you may want to look elsewhere for your services. A blip or two is understandable, especially if it’s due to unavoidable circumstances, but if it’s a habit, you should bail.

They Don’t Skimp on the Daily Backups

A managed services provider should be backing everything up at least once per day in order to properly ensure the safety of your data. They should have automated backups that store in the cloud since that is the standard these days. Anything else is a worrying sign for sure.

Never-Ending Updates

A provider that only reacts to problems when they actually occur is going to always end up being behind the curve. Instead, your provider should be consistently watching and monitoring in order to stay ahead of potential new threats in terms of viruses, malware, potential security breaches, and any other threat that could be looming on the horizon.

If they are only reacting to what happens, then you should move on towards a company that cares enough to anticipate issues beforehand. Any company that doesn’t do this is definitely being suboptimal.

Constant Security Checks

Your network security Dallas company should be checking your security on a regular basis. You should get confirmation from the company that they do this, and you should check to see if they actually do. There should also be continual monitoring as well to make sure nothing funny is going on.

Considering the sheer number of security breaches that happen these days, there are few things that are more important for companies to worry about than that. In fact, one study said that 65% of security professionals were anticipating a security breach in the next year.

Overall, it’s good to avoid companies that don’t check security constantly, offer continual availability, and backup as well as update frequently. Your company deserves a managed service that maintains these standards.