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4 Resources That have Changed the Trucking Industry

As a new trucker, it can be difficult to try and navigate unknown roads by yourself and find enough work to support your business. Before smartphones, truckers relied on maps for navigation and CB radios for communication. Fortunately, there are many new resources that have made it easier than ever for new semi drivers to find work and stay safe on the road while they drive.

1. Load Board

One of the great tools to help truckers be successful in their jobs is a load finder. By being able to find loads near you online, you can quickly find work and build a client base until your business takes off.

2. National Road Conditions

Knowing what hazards lie ahead is essential for keeping yourself safe while you drive and delivering your load in a timely manner. There are several websites that offer updates or maps that show road conditions throughout the United States

3. CB Code Reference

If you plan on using a CB radio to communicate with other truckers on the road, it helps know common trucker lingo. Having a list on hand or an online resource to refer to while you learn different CB codes can be valuable if you need to quickly and effectively relay information.

4. Gas Station Locator

Running out gas when you are in an area you are not familiar with is the last situation you want to deal with when trying to quickly deliver a load and satisfy a client. Save yourself the trouble by downloading a gas station locator app or finding an online website that can quickly show you somewhere close by you can fill up at.

With so many helpful resources within hands reach, you’ll be able to avoid common hurdles new truckers often run into. Not to mention, you’re always just a phone call away from your loved ones back home.