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4 Amazing Outdoor Places To Visit in North Carolina

If you are brainstorming for your next family vacation destination, then you will not want to leave North Carolina out of your considerations. With gorgeous beaches, mild weather and fascinating history, the Tar Heel State has a lot to offer visitors and residents and alike. For anyone who needs a few days to escape from the office to enjoy some nature, it is the ideal location.

Whether you stay in a hotel or one of the mean beautiful beach houses in North Carolina, there are many accommodations to choose from. After picking where your family will stay, however, the next task is the most fun- deciding on the itinerary. For a look at the most amazing outdoor places to go, check out this list.

1. Chimney Rock State Park

Calling all nature lovers! As an icon in the western part of the state, Chimney Rock Mountain is a must-stop natural place of wonder that all visitors to North Carolina should make time for. After climbing 26 stories of stairs, you can make your way to adventurous trails and see incredible sights. 

2. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

For another breathtaking place to visit, look no further than the legendary Great Smoky Mountains National Park. With over half of the park sprawling into North Carolina, there are many ways to explore the area. While there, you can see many types of wildlife including elk. Make sure to take your hiking boots.

3. Hammocks Beach State Park

If you are someone who prefers the beach, then you will not want to miss the unspoiled shores of Hammocks Beach State Park. With only 33 acres of the park on the mainland, you can see the other 892 acres on Bear Island which is accessible by boat, ferry, kayak or canoe. For anyone who likes collecting seashells or spotting loggerhead sea turtles, this is the ideal place to go. 

4. Raven Rock State Park

To have bit rockier experience, check out Raven Rock State Park near Lillington, North Carolina. Featuring a 150-foot cliff with 135 stairs to climb, the sights that you will see at the top are well worth it. Due to its location between the state’s central and coastal regions, the park is home to diverse ecosystems and topography. If you want to see blooming wildflowers, plan a visit during spring.  Whether you prefer mountains, beaches or forests, North Carolina has many outdoor places to enjoy. If you are looking for the perfect outdoor getaway, there is no better state to visit.