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3 Types of Oil Tanks To Choose for Your Residence

Some homeowners prefer to use natural gas for all of their residence’s heating needs, and this type of power is typically the most popular. Fuel oil is the second most commonly used and is in high demand for the winter seasons to heat furnaces and other systems. As it turns out, there are many reasons to use fuel oil, one being that it is safer than natural gas. However, when you choose to use fuel oil for your residence, you have to have a container (typically called a “tank”) to keep it in. There are essentially three types of oil tanks that you have to choose from.

1. Above-Ground Outdoor

Above-ground outdoor tanks are usually placed somewhere around the residence where they will not be clearly seen. Some people choose to have them near the back of the house, and they are more popular in rural areas. If you choose to go with this type of tank, be sure to contact an oil tank testing Westchester County NY company to ensure that you’re installing it correctly and that your tank is safe.

2. Above-Ground Indoor

Residents also have the option of above-ground indoor tanks, which are commonly kept in a basement or utility room. Again, the goal is to have them stored in a hidden location. Many people choose to go with a smaller tank to save room, such as a 160-gallon tank. If you don’t need to heat that much in your house or if the weather does not get that cold where you live, you might consider a smaller tank. Just know that there are larger tanks available should you need them. 

3. Underground

Underground tanks are placed in the ground near the residence along with the supply pipes. The only pipe that will stay slightly above ground is the refill pipe that the drivers of the oil trucks will use to refill your tank when it runs low. These tanks are ideal because they are hidden, but there could be a more expensive and complex repair involved if there is ever a problem with the tank, such as a leak. The underground tank can also be a problem if you have construction crews who need to work in the area. Having contractors navigate around the oil take may get expensive. Always think of saving money for home repairs, if needed.

Having adequate heating for your house is essential. When you use fuel oil, make sure that you choose the right tank for your house.